The closure of the Uranium City Hospital in May 2003 resulted in trauma to those remaining in the settlement. The population varies from approximately 60 in the winter months to approximately 200 in the summer months. Over the past year AHA has made every attempt to provide services and programs to meet the needs of the community.

A site in the community was renovated and established as a Primary Health Center. There is one resident primary care nurse who provides regular clinic hours and 24- hour emergency services. There is a Community Support Worker who works with the nurse in providing services. There is an average of 100 visits per month to the clinic plus approximately 10 callbacks per week. There are eight children in the school and approximately 12 children home schooled. Physician services are provided once per month.

Scheduled air flights to the settlement are provided three times per week. Mental Health and addictions services are provided four days every second month. Community Health Nursing and Pharmacist services are provided every three months.

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